Another View From Outside

Originally published at: Another View From Outside | The Eldraeverse

Some comments excerpted from an early edition of “The Lonely Galaxy® Unofficial Guide to Working with the Empire’s People”: General Augmentation is a way of life in Imperial space, and there are probably millions of different augmentations on the market. Do not rely on knowing what one of them ought to be able to do; be sure about what that one is able to do before you throw out a challenge.Death: they don’t. They find it very silly that you do. Do not get into this argument.Death: do not lose, bury, or incinerate that little marble. That contains their most…

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Avoid owing the space elf mad scientists a favor, got it.

And, make sure to keep the mad scientist space elves busy and give 'em a chance to do extra work. Got that, too.

One wonders about the amount of complexity in the Common Social Protocol to handle conflicts between the eldrae standard for personal space and the kaeth standard.

“We agree to only glomp people we know well; in exchange, we agree to restrain our personal-intrusion murderdeathkill instinct.”

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