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INTRODUCING from Creation Mechanics, ICC THE FIRST free-space precision fused material deposition 3D printer THE CREO 144 The Creo 144 does not open new frontiers in the field of 3D printing. That’s because the Creo 144 has no frontiers. Its unique combination of 3D printing and autonomous drone technology makes an end of volume limitations. Replacing the conventional framework of an enclosed 3D printer with independently mobile print heads, using helium for neutral buoyancy and ducted fans to move with minimal effect on the print area – combining filament magazines, extruders, and hot ends – the Creo 144 is the…

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It sounds like a great idea, but I do wonder if it is faster or more efficient to have a couple of bots and a single dedicated fabber that makes the parts and the bots do the assembly.

Mind you…there’s a nice RTS-style use I can think of for this kind of thing.

I am guessing this is from the late Era of Captive Lightning?

I’d hate to be the guy who has to scrape the final print off the bed

About 2/3rds of the way through it.

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