Big Iron

Originally published at: Big Iron | The Eldraeverse

INERTIA WARNING MAGNETIC DRUM STORAGE IN USEACCESS BY AUTHORIZED TECHNICIANS ONLY Magnetic drums rotate at 36 rpm when in use. Do not enter drum room unless steam valve is closed and padlocked, drive clutch is disengaged and padlocked, and spin-down is complete. (Governor ball check is insufficient; spin gauge must read zero.) Inform supervising administrator before entrance and after exit. All keys are to be retained by responsible technician until maintenance is complete. Full manual rotation must be performed to check balance before spin-up. Use auxiliary engine only; do not attempt to manipulate drums by hand. Steam release from head…

What kind of machine is this supposed to be?

But the really big kind, at the cusp of the transition from Stannic cogitators to electronic computers.

It’s a giant memory storage room!