Black Holes Have No Basilisk Textures

I wonder what the Empire’s position would be on resolving the Leviathan Consciousness once and for all by just collapsing all the relevant stars and planets in the system into black holes and being done with it. It’s certainly possible by their standards, and I doubt the utility of those systems, even if eventually one day cleaned out in millennia to come, can compare with the constant drain on resources that it takes to police the exclusion zone.

Three things, not necessarily in this order:

  1. Parking a couple of system pickets to watch for activity coming through those gates is basically a rounding error in the IN budget compared to what it routinely spends on ongoing line items like “commerce protection”, “intimidating the usual suspects”, and “more esklav for the chiefs’ messes”.
  2. Getting approval from the Conclave for deployment of tier I prohibited strategic weapons on a massive scale is perhaps a tad more politically tricky than you might think. Kind of like going to the UN to ask if they’re okay with you starting World War III if it’s for a good cause.
  3. You want to perform a major coordinated fleet action in a perversion exclusion zone? Jolly good. You go first.

Also, I’d assume there are quite a few non-planet-bound parts of the Leviathan Consciousness, and just replacing stars and planets by equal-mass black holes won’t do much about them. (If they rely on solar power, it might help by making that less available, but it won’t suck them in.)

Especially when the Leviathan Consciousness actively goes after everything emitting comms signals to infect…

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