Bottled Sunlight

Originally published at: Bottled Sunlight | The Eldraeverse

Announcing from Extropa Energy, ICC Stars as a Service™ Available now throughout the Imperial Core and Fringe, with planned expansions into selected areas of the Worlds, Extropa Energy wishes to announce the availability of its Stars as a Service™ range of remote energy supply options. Using Extropa’s newly established fleet of mobile energy generation stations, each equipped with more than dodecen industrial-grade fusion reactors, Stars as a Service™ is able to deliver a reliable, continuous microwave or laser power beam into a compatible receiver anywhere in the system, both to stations and to beam-operated vehicles. Beamed power can even be…

Not to be confused with canned sunshine.

That’s the solar antimatter factories.

Here I was thinking Extropa found a way to ship giant molecular clouds to your door and collapse them for a fee