Cape name suggestion thread

On the assumption that my muse is going to at least somewhat fail at the job of leaving Timeo Eldraos et Dona Ferentes alone, this here is the open thread for both good and bad cape name suggestions for Touched-By-Vorlons!Taylor.

Have at it, folks.

Well, to speak the unspoken rules of (Worm-verse) superhero names:

Primarily, cape names tend to be a hint towards what their powers are or are otherwise related
(Grue creates darkness, Skitter controls bugs, etc.)

Secondarily, they hint at a cape’s objectives, motives, way of thinking, or other traits of character
(Clockblocker is irreverent, Tattletale has devastated people by finding the right secret and tattling.)

Tertiarily, they should be clever. Be it a play on words, a name with implications, a carefully chosen word in another language, a historical or literary reference, etc.

So, with that in mind, V!Taylor should have a name that relates to some or all of the following:

Her powers come from the eldrae.
Her powers are extremely unfettered.
Her powers will change/save the world.
Her powers are primarily focused on technology. Most importantly, highly advanced, artifically intelligent, and self-replicating technology. Her physical augments and telekinesis are almost irrelevant compared to this.

Her personality, in part, is Taylor. However, she has the Transcend’s stamp of approval, the modern eldraeic baseline including mental augments, and a eldraeic Muse. It is safe to say she’ll probably end up with a rather Imperial mindset. So…
She espouses freedom and self-determination.
She will demonstrate great self-control and rational thought (now won’t that be quite a change from canon).
She abhors slavery, death, theft, and many other sorts of choice-theft.
She, quite rightfully, will probably end up thinking that she has to save/fix the world (it is ever so broken, and she’s in a good position to do it).

So, with all that stated… I have no idea. It is rather a lot of things to incorporate, much more so than the usual cape. You could go with something more generic (KAL_9000 suggested ‘Liberator’ on discord).
But that doesn’t even touch on the fact that she’s literally the chosen one of the core superintelligence of a massive glorious civilization on a hill to end all hills, with powers that could very end up destroying the malignant sources of literally all the other powers on the planet and then bring the entire planet into a glorious golden age never before seen.

It is… perhaps a little hard to do that justice with a word. Maybe she should get a full and proper eldraeic name, and then just use part of that as her cape name, maybe using a Eldraeic word that rolls off the tongue easily and the right connotations?