Conspiracy Theory

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“This is SERIOUS. They’re building GIANT hexterranes that they can flatten out ENTIRE PLANETARY CRUSTS onto! They’re going to use them to pack all their WORLDS into that fancy Cirys sphere of theirs and go MARAUDING around the galaxy – or maybe the universe, or even beyond the universe with enough reality engines – like a cosmic pinball of SMUGNESS and DOOM, sucking SUNS of LIFE to live FOREVER!” – seen on theImportant Information (Please Reproduce and Disseminate) memeweave “What the egg-sucking fuck is this guy smoking, and please stop him.” – seen on theImportant Disinformation (Please Parody and Reeducate)…

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“Okay, which idiot let this guy see some of our long-term planning proposals?”
-Internal memo, Specialist Megastructures, Inc.


Now I have this mental picture of somebody trying to flatten out and refactor Eliéra into a hexterrane, and the response of the Precursor mystery matter lump to the attempt.

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Which reminds me, did we ever get a description of the other side of Eliera? I seem to remember most of the narrative being focused on one side only.

I didn’t know that it wasn’t 1: Round and 2: Not a planet before I visited this thread, when I saw the post for the place, my brain just melted and I had a minature existential crisis

He says that like it’s a bad thing…


What tech did you think the hexterranes were based on? :grin:

Not all that much to say, really. It’s essentially the same in the same way as the “other side” of Earth is the same; it’s a blue-green garden world with about 60% water coverage. Underside has fewer (three vs.five) continents and a lot more islands than Upperside, but apart from that…?

Incidentally (and while we’ve mostly only seen a little bit of Upperside, too, for that matter - it’s a big place), various bits of the Underside have shown up in the past: Ambriel, Cimoníë, Karazik, and the Thousand Shimmering Islands are all on the Underside.

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I think he’s worried that the suns being sucked dry are going to be the ones people are using, rather than the universe’s fine collection of brown dwarves and MV-class gravel…

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Ah I see! And eldrae inhabited both sides? What happened when they met for the first time?