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The Rogue State’s Guide To Imperial Diplomacy diplomatic cruiser: an embassy with guns on it diplonought: an embassy with continent-cracking guns on it neutral: a place where you don’t shoot at the embassy, and it doesn’t shoot back ally: a place where the upgunned embassy is probably on your side client-state: a place where the upgunned embassy is definitely on your side satrapy: a place where they don’t bother putting guns on the embassy diplomatic immunity: a courtesy awarded by host nations to diplomats in return for the reciprocal courtesy diplomatic impunity: “I have a dreadnought. Your argument is invalid.”…

The Fire Control position on a diplonought must be the most frustrating work experience in Imperial History

Wait, what’s a dar-e’sevdra an uplift of again? I just noticed the mention of feathers

The dar-e’sevdra are equine uplifts.

Pegasi, right? I remember a line from Friendship is Sufficiently Advanced about sevdra and wings when talking about Luna.


That’s part of the divergence between the canon 'verse and the Advancedverse, actually. In the latter, the Empire never uplifted the sevdra. In the former, the Mythologae Immanentization people went a little wild with their genome and made multiple varietals. :spacemagic:

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Gunboat diplomacy: To be woefully underprepared. For example, bringing a gunboat to the negotiating table when your opponent brings a diplonaught.


Taking the word “uplift” seriously I see

Wouldn’t diplomatic impunity be a form of Gunboat Diplomacy?

Diplomatic impunity” is gunboat diplomacy as practiced on barbarians by more technically advanced barbarians.

I could be wrong, but I feel like a more accurate translation of the preferred Imperial stance would be more like “plenipotentiary supremacy”…

Well, if we’re talking stance, the extended version might be: “Some people are only capable of converse in the language of violence. For their convenience, we have means to make it clear that civilization - which is to say, us - exceeds them in fluency, style, and - yes - volume.”

“Gunboat diplomacy” probably does work as a short form even in the hallowed halls of the MoSaO, though. They’re not really very fond of euphemisms - by diplomatic standards, at least.