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vocel-react-affective93.2.4 / Public / Last updated 283 years ago Install: pkg i vocel-react-affectiveLicense: Riantar Ventures Open Usage & Modification License (Commercial & Non-Commercial)Home: Included-In: vocel-reactDepends-On: vocel-react-core, vocel-react-modulate, vocel-react-dynamic The vocel-react-affective package forms part of the VoCel React™ voice interface system for household robotic systems, and provides the affective response and courtesy subroutines used by the system to phrase and pronounce its responses to the user. The primary configuration parameter for the vocel-react-affective package is the basic Courtesy Index (ci). This is a floating point setting whose value can range from +12.0 to -12.0, with a value of zero effectively…

Eldrae use duodecimal?

Eldrae have 12 fingers

Eldrae are too practical to let accidents of evolution dictate their mathematics.

(If you must count with hands, I suppose wrists could act as digits A and B…)

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Ah, nope. Well, except for those who have the aftermarket second-thumb mod, but it’s not the default.

Yep. It seemed the most useful relatively-small base, so that’s the one the relevant philosopher-mathematicians settled on.

(There was a brief flirtation with hexadecimal in the 3500s, but it didn’t stick.)

TIL, I think I sort of assumed their base notation would follow their number of fingers.

Always remember: you are dealing with people who are quite likely to look at the natural way of doing things and declare that no, they’re not doing it that way.

I mean, a numeric base that doesn’t have integral thirds, quarters, or sixths? That only has two factors? That is Obviously Incorrect. Nature be stupid, yo.

Edited to add: as a further note, if you see an eldrae counting on their fingers, they’re using binary counting anyway.