For Gold, Bright Gold, Is Master of Sophs All...

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In answer to your questions, gentlesophs, and in view of both the composition and the promise of confidentiality promised by this committee, the Directorate have authorized me to make the following statement: It is true that loans authorized by our polity banking department underwrote much of the recent Naxklak-Tlafotl Conflict. It is further true that in keeping with our standard policy on sovereign liabilities, we have no intention of forgiving those debts despite our willingness to offer deferral of payments, and will enforce any defaults with our customary vigor. What is also true, but not commonly known, is that the…

War profiteering isn’t really that feasible unless you’re a dedicated arms manufacturer.

And even then people get angry when you actually do it

Er, who’s war profiteering?

What? You mean Polity Banking wasn’t being accused of doing that?