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For those concerned with such things or just a mite irritated with Patreon at the moment, I am pleased to announce that I now also accept monthly donations via Liberapay. Patreon won’t be going away, so really, this just means you have a bit more freedom of choice, and who doesn’t like that? …don’t answer that question.

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For us mere humans without a muse or a decent way of keeping track, “bundling” means that we can just worry about one bill and one package, over maybe a dozen packages that cost about the same but we worry about keeping track of those dozen packages when we have a couple dozen other things of equal or greater priority pushing that worry to the side.

It just means we need to develop muses and upgrade human consciousness.

I wouldn’t be too sure about that…

TLDR - Patreon are in some legal hot water & burning through money (I’ve seen it estimated that they’re losing $1.5M a month), so… be prepared is all. SubscribeStar is a Patreon alternative FWIW, may want to look into that one as well as Liberapay.