Lightning Strikes

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from the Eye-in-the-Flame Arms internal memeweave archives From: Aldysis Cyprium (Directorate)To: Diziet Cyprium (Director of Entertaining Research)Subject: FULGURANT TRIBULATION It’s not that we’re dismissing the potential of FULGURANT TRIBULATION, cousin. From a purely commercial point of view, the potential of an algetic weapon capable of wide-area application from orbit is obviously something that can’t be ignored by the Directorate, filling several niches in the area denial and riot quietus areas, not to mention the spin-off civilian applications in weather control and flood recovery. And obviously the technical advances you have made in tunable millimeter-wave magnetrons and beam focusing arrays, not…

This gives me the same vibes as Ring Dynamics charging the Voniensan Fleet for transit during the Core War

Orbital Mind Control Maser when?