Quadropodia Is The...

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I can sit up and use a keyboard perfectly well without having my limbs twisted around into an imitation hominid, thank you most kindly. (You anthropocentric jackass.)

Rhif Oüärwaff,
second-iteration dar-bandal,
quoted in Morphology Is Not Cosmetology

Honestly, while I don’t have anything against anthropomorphic fiction as a genre, there’s always part of me that thinks it would have been so much better if they’d kept the uplift/sophoncy but ditched the bodily anthropomorphism. Other morphologies can work just as well, people!

(My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic would not have been improved by deciding that unicorns were basically humans with hooves on their lower limbs, a tail, and a horn.)

Our man Rhif calling Zootopia out like this?

Wasn’t what I had in mind at the time (I was actually seeing some really well done anthro pictures over on Fedi), but to be fair to it, I credit Zootopia with at least avoiding two of the Worst Subtropes, those being “everyone is now happy eating a Generic Diet and there are No Concerns About That” and also “everyone is now Standard Hominid Size, because Reasons”.