Simulations of all sorts?

A question/interesting topic for discussion.

In a lot of other sci-fi, simulations come up but they’re almost always of the ‘rigorous’ sort. A collection of bits or grid cells or such that is iterated according to rules. A imitation reality but in a way more amenable to running on the local computers.

But what I don’t see much is simulations of the ‘Descartes Demon’ sort. Where instead of a rigorous simulation that is apathetic of what runs on it, it’s a simulation which actively pays attention to it’s inhabitants and invents details as necessary to fool them, maintaining consistency only as needed.

These sorts of simulations are interesting for a few reasons. For mundane purposes, they’re potentially a lot more efficient. This is more-or-less the essence of how video games work right now for just that reason. For more nefarious purposes, it is decidedly hard to escape the Matrix if it notices that you’re contemplating simulation theory and takes extra care to not leave any glitches in sight.

Does this come up in the 'verse? I would imagine this technology would be widespread for casual use, because it’s a lot more efficient if your full-immersion virtual workplace doesn’t need to do a bunch of hard work simulating the wood fibers of your desk.

Or at another direction, it makes the implementation of Janiastre devices less reliable or at least just a lot harder, because you need to make sure the simulation isn’t politely telling you that yes, sure, the test has definitely confirmed that this is reality. Yup.

To quote Schlock Mercenary, lying is expensive if you intend to get away with it, and I will note that the Janiastre device is the simplest reality-checker. It’s probably easy to create widgets or scenarios that are increasingly difficult for the simulator to spoof than it is for the simulatee to implement.

For instance, what if a sufficiently paranoid subject chooses to create a memeplex that makes it socially fashionable to implement Janiastre checks on your personal computer’s downtime, and the memeplex spreads across all of society?