The Emperor's Sword: Organization

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So, in the past, we discussed the arms and equipment of the Imperial Legions, but we never went into their organization in any particular depth, something this post intends to correct. Now, if you remember the Table of Ranks post, you’ll note that I have used fairly typical Western-type ranks (albeit in somewhat altered structure) to translate the ranks of the Imperial Military Service, Legions included. This is a convenience for the reader who is familiar with these, although in many ways this paints an inaccurate picture of their actual organization. One should remember, after all, that the Empire’s history…


The seventh footnote confused me for a moment, I thought it read 13932^7 and was wondering why the Imperial military was so colossally huge.

Is there a similar post detailing warship types/classes of the fleet?

Much more detailed, as it was written with the intention of turning it into an appendix to Darkness Within.

See the six-part series starting here, and also this (linked from the fourth of the above).

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Thanks! The links were purple; I’m definitely getting old

can you describe what a Saber coilgun-walker is?


Somehow I missed this back in April; my apologies. Basically, it’s tactical not-quite-artillery.

Picture an armored tarantula about the size of a compact car, with a coilgun and a fancy sensor suite strapped to the top. Now picture it wandering around the battlefield such that no two shots appear to come from the same location…

skitter skitter skitter BANG skitter skitter skitter BANG skitter skitter skitter BANG…

The individual slugs aren’t all that big, compared to regular artillery/ortillery, but what they are is extremely accurate, because it makes exceptional use of the battle mesh to put just the right shot, on the right part of the right target, at the right time, to maximize damage. Tactical sniper-artillery, if you will.