The Law of the Market

Originally published at: The Law of the Market | The Eldraeverse

So, disclaimer up front: this isn’t actually mine, for a large part. It was inspired by a couple of verses posted on Twitter by Eliezer Yudkowsky back in March, it stuck in my head, and I kept thinking that I should do something with it. So what I ended up doing with it, given that it obviously fits the ‘verse very strongly, is take the best parts of the resulting thread, polish ’em together, and behold! Obviously originally based on Kipling’s Law of the Jungle. Verse contents pre my hackery taken from posts by Eliezer Yudkowsky (@ESYudkowsky), Andrew Flicker (@aflicker),…

Very nicely done. Kipling and free markets seem to go together well.
Speaking of which, I suspect you might enjoy this bit of verse I wrote in a similar vein.

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Also very nice! I’ll keep that bookmarked for future quotation.