Truth in Nomenclature (2)

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justonce breaker / justonce bar / justonce stop / etc.: Engineering jargon. A justonce in any of its forms – be it the hardline switch or insertable bus-bar that bypasses circuit overload protection, the stop valve that seals off pressure-relief valves, or the disabling of thermal trips is the manual override which permits equipment to continue operating even when doing so will result in damage to equipment, personnel, or the surrounding area – even, in its most common military applications, to the entire containing vessel. The justonce, naturally, is intended to be used only in situations where the risks and…

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Tagged “battleshort”?

Because it’s the 'verse spin on this, via the latest Atomic Rockets update.

Ah, so.

One wonders at the justonce instantiations back in the days of clanks.

This is a device to override any fail-safe or fail-deadly systems in the circumstance that you need that device/system right the f(YAY!)k now and don’t care about anything beyond that system working right now…repair/replacement of the system is for after the disaster.

I.e. The Crowbar.