'Verse Art Thread (Not Actually For 'Verse Art)

Where I shall put things that make me think “yeah, this, or something like it, could exist in my universe”. Because such a thread should exist.

So, a couple of things to start it off. First, a link to my Eldraeverse Inspirations board on Pinterest, where I’ve been keeping this sort of thing for years:

And second, since I’ve been fiddling with the AI’s recently, a picture of the Transcend’s favorite beverage:

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While I continue to fiddle with art generation:

Picture this hanging in a gallery somewhere as The Fate of All Entropists.

(Prompt: “a screaming nihilist being pulled into a black hole”.)

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In further experimentation, a successful attempt to get SFnal rocket launch sites in the style of a ukiyo-e painting:

(Not what the Akkoro Launch Lagoons look like because they’re, well, lagoons. But I like it.)

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