What's canon to the setting?

What’s cannon?

A big metal tube that fires projectiles, but that’s not important right now.

Okay, smartass, what’s canon?

Only things printed in actual published books or e-books are strictly considered canon. Any fiction or worldbuilding articles posted to the blog that haven’t been published in said books are probably canon, but I and my lovely editor reserve the right to change things before printing that we need to.

Anything else, including but not limited to tropes, answers to questions, comments, replies to comments, e-mails, things the author said here or elsewhere other than in a FAQ, or psychic messages from the Adepts of North Polar Jupiter is deuterocanonical at best and subject to the author having a better idea at any time.

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Hello! I have a question: over on The Associated Worlds site, some time back, there was a kerfuffle over history. As I recall you put the kibosh on the commotion in a post or comment wherein you made it clear you weren’t gonna justify or explain every detail of backstory, particularly those you haven’t written yet. I remember bein’ impressed by your post or comment and I’d like to return to it (it was quote-worthy). Could you direct me to that post or comment? I’ve looked and had no luck. Henry ‘still lovin’ the Hariven’ Quirk

Found it: Notice to Querents.