Begone, And Trouble Us No More

Originally published at: Begone, And Trouble Us No More | The Eldraeverse

You may have seen a new Imperial Navy ship on the through route from Qechra to Palaxias in the past few weeks, and not been able to pin down her exact type: she resembles a Leviathan-class dreadnought to aft, but the whole forward half of the vessel seems to have been replaced by a long, four-pronged, blunt-ended ‘snoot’, which more closely resembles the working end of a stargate than anything else. If the scuttlebutt is anything to go by, that’s exactly what she is – the latest unique special weapons platform of the Black Flotilla, CS Perfect Translocative Defender. She’s…

I have to wonder about the ethical calculus of possibly dumping an ex-threat even the Associated Worlds can’t deal with on someone who might be less capable of doing so though.

The people in charge of using these things are very much in the Special Circumstances, Ethical Singularities mode.

But even then, it probably wouldn’t be acceptable if it weren’t for the universe being so very empty, and thus the statistically insignificant chance that you’re dumping the target anywhere but too far into the middle of the intergalactic deep to ever come back from.

What are the odds that, given how other people elsewhere have likely built similar things, that unlucky random ports are the cause of the Fermi Paradox?

What if the random ports are the reason nobody’s found the greenlife homeworld?