Solvable Problems

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WATCH CONSTABULARY / ORBIT GUARDSPACECRAFT INCIDENT REPORT REPORT: TORA-42-0896REPORT DATE: 7322 Yrnaes 11INCIDENT DATE: 7322 Yrnaes 8VESSEL CLASS: Tingesek-class ESV/courierREGISTRATION: Free LoxixOPERATOR: Private charterREPORTED BY: Aste min Direthill, commander, Toralish Orbit Guard REFERENCES: [see attached] SUBJECT: Fuel Tank Rupture Leading To Interior Dissolution EVENT: Shortly after entry into Toralish system, contact was lost with the Tingesek-class ESV, Soreseg Ven. All efforts to regain contact with the vessel failed, and shortly thereafter observations by System Traffic Control showed an abnormal termination of maneuvering burn. The vessel was then declared not under command, and a patrol boat, CSS Captal’s Mercy, was vectored…

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…I have a Tony Stark joke in here. Mostly involving why he doesn’t teach Boy Scout troops anymore (they get really weird when you burn down your third High School in the district) and it goes with the whole hydrogen peroxide joke. Ending with RDJ dong a bad German accent with the punchline “Lies un British propaganda! It only exploded two out of three times!”

common bulkhead between the crew compartment and the oxidiser tank

nope nope nope nope nopity nope

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If the designer and shipwrights were among the crew, then this is merely another case of {insert name of sophont who discovered non-Precursor-meddled ‘natural’ selection} Award winners.

And if this is just a vacuum-headed maneuver by some polity barely able to hold the pen to sign the Accords, well, it’s a learning experience for them.

But if someone in civilized space let this leave the shipyards, shouldn’t they be identified if possible?

In the interest of the free marketplace, of course…

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Non-manufacturer upgrades

With non-PMA parts, too. I mean, high-test peroxide is never a great life choice, but it’s not that bad until you start letting random hack shops install dodgy “upgrades”.