Dramatis Personae (Empire Tips)

Your handy guide to who the people giving out advice at https://social.arkane-systems.net/@EmpireTips are:


Goddess of law, justice, the rule of law, and arbitration. Known as the Revealer of Truths, the Just One, and the Scale-Bearer. Demands that all rights be uninfringed, all commitments be upheld, and all debts paid. Saravóné’s Code is a good introduction to her philosophy.


Known as the Bringer of Clarity, the Tester, and Lord of Reason, Kanáralath is the god of philosophy, reason, logic, mathematics, rigorous thought, and truth. Very much not a fan of self-deception or bad-faith argumentation.

Cordelia Vintar-ith-Vidutar:

A first-in scout with the Imperial Exploratory Service, Cordelia Vintar-ith-Vidutar has a dual specialization in Applied Theology and Exoontology, and has made three first contacts during her career. She is best known for her exploration of the Eponian Cluster.

Istar Sargas-ith-Sargas:

Alphas I Amanyr’s left-hand man and the spiritual ancestor of Imperial State Security.

After an extended career in intelligence, almost all classified, unrecorded, or both, the official history of the ISS records that Istar Sargas was assassinated in 742, and control of the agency moved to the Imperial Security Executive, at the time a hand-picked body of his division heads. Unofficial history and frank rumor further records that the assassination occurred in an otherwise unoccupied ISS field office, and that upon meeting the assembled assassins face-to-face, he grinned, told them they were a full eight minutes behind schedule, and flicked his lit cigar into the first of several barrels of blasting powder.

Further information - reliable further information - is not available here.

Ianthe Claves-ith-Claves Elinaeth:

Founder of the influential technepraxic philosophical school which became widespread in the Empire from the 7th century onwards, which sees technology not merely as tool, but as an integral philosophy of sophont aspiration. Technological progress is an eo ipso good, inherently desirable as an end in itself. If technology causes problems, better technology solves them.

(While not a perfect match, it is closest - in terms of Earth philosophies - to a variant of Extropianism.)

Bertil Rúädha:

Entrepreneur from High Daëntry and founder of the All Good Things, ICC retail giant, one of - if not the largest of - the Big 26 starcorporations. An exemplar of the successful plutarch.

Alphas Amanyr:

Founder of the Empire. First Emperor, alongside Seledíë Selequelios. Culture-hero, legend, and generally big deal who casts a long shadow over the rest of history, not least because that’s not a small statue.

Torqil Riantar:

One of the Sallantar-ith-Riantar clone lineage of Valiár (Thirteen Colonies), Torqil Riantar serves as Chief Customization Engineer at Riantar Ventures, one of the Empire’s oldest and most prominent robot manufacturers.

Galatia Allatrian:

A society lady, the acknowledged doyenne of Imperial etiquette authors, and author of - now in its fiftieth printing - Madame Allatrian’s Garden of Exquisitely Correct Etiquette, the invaluable reference guide to courtesy in the Empire and its fringe cultures.

Jynne Cerron:

An enforcer in the Watch Constabulary, one of those tasked to keep the Empress’s peace on the much-visited Mer Dinévál Countermass Station, Seranth.

Valentia Amanyr:

The second of the Empire’s rulers, called “the Just”. Reviser of much of the Empire’s legal code for consistency and clarity; considered an exemplar of justice and temperance. Known for cutting to the heart of the issue at hand.


Can we please make it canon that in-universe, these 2 eikones do indeed possess the Worlds-equivalent of Twitter accounts that spool out wisdom-nuggets every ?

Switching to updating this through replies rather than editing so people can watch the thread, if interested.

Lauré Muetry-ith-Mirari:

Famed and beloved artist of the 9th century, a major figure in the New Frontiers movement in art, decoration, and architecture, and an outspoken advocate of the “duty of beauty to truth” and for the beautification of all aspects of daily life.

Olbria Amanyr:

Senator, cisatar, and later genarch of House Amanyr. Considered an epitome of noble character among the Names, Numbers, and Novas.

Fellowship of Natural Philosophy:

The oldest professional association for scientists and researchers. People who would disassemble the universe to find out how it works without worrying where they’re going to stand afterwards.

Octíëve Súrnedal:

Highly respected system administrator turned networking consultant. Bills at outrageous rates. Open-source developer. Bills nothing. Cynical idealist. Idealistic cynic.

Lyris Belacquan:

The mother of transparency. Openness enthusiast. Wasn’t around at the time of the Negative Privacy movement, but would probably have been in favor of it.

Traest Sargas:

Imperial legionary general. Despite the name, does take prisoners when not given a reason not to. War enthusiast, bellatrist, and prominent member of the belligerati. Would have gotten along great with George Patton and Curtis LeMay, but would probably have considered them a mite soft on Communism.


God of time, memory, preservation, conservation, tradition, and ancestors, called the Measurer of Time, Guardian of Hallowed Ways, and the Remembrance of Worthy Deeds and Honored Forerunners. Not against change, but only in favor of change that is an improvement. Demands that the past be remembered for the sake of the future.


God of revels and carousing, wine and beer, entertainment, humor, mirth, whims and fleeting passions, and hedonism in general, called the Laughing Rogue, the Reveler, the Prince of Wine, and the Maddener. Presides over pleasure and relaxation; extremely opposed to suffering, poverty, and anything else that stands in the way of taking life by the quaff.

Eight Bloody Sages:

Not gods, but the oldest - longest surviving - and wisest spiritual gurus among the kaeth. Specifically, the sages of Rage, Greed, Cunning, Clan, Lust, Fire, Death, and Being Too Damn Bull-Headed To Quit, Ever. Specifically the Bloody Sages, because where do you think wisdom comes from? More here.

Alwyn Muetry:

Acquiescent (philosopher-priestess) of Elmiríën, once at the Fane of Orderly Blossoming, but since risen to be the Exemplar of Elmiríën in the House of Exemplars of the Church of the Flame. As such, considered a living saint and bodhisattva.

Xian Anandonos-ith-Anaxios:

A Selenarian general in the early days of the Empire and writer of the foundational and still-studied field manual, the Thousand Wise Analects of the Supreme Warlord; also one of the first contributors to the Imperishable Axioms of the Legionary Excellence. One of the Empire’s best-known Great Captains.

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I’m trying to imagine what Sun-Tzu would think of the thousand faux-self-help books bearing his name were he still alive.

Or what he’d think of China, for the matter.

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Probably nothing polite about the current CCP government, as they don’t even have the decency of putting on a good spectacle like previous Emperors.

I see we read some of the same awesome crossover fanfic.