Fittly Business

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“Othalbar SysCon, this is IS Star of Miragrann preparing to initiate fittle-flight per filed intentions. Please reconfirm entry vector.” “Star of Miragrann, SysCon. We show you initiating fittle-flight at 8201-06-09:2+11-54. We confirm your entry vector as computed and valid for twelve-pulse window. You are clear for entry at your discretion; squawk null. Good hunting! Over.” “SysCon, squawking all zeroes. We’ll bring you back a present. Star of Miragrann, clear.” Captain Sarizar looked out over his bridge, and smiled slightly. “By the book, people. Run the clock.” Punching the button for a direct line to the maneuvering room, he added, “Ninety…

Warships of this kind look fiddly.

Fleet carriers, maybe?

But arriving at somewhere on the gate network would be painful.

It’s not so bad when you’re approaching the outer reaches of the stargate plexus; the solution-set (for keeping the drive envelope stable, which is the constraint that leads to null engages) is more constrained, but at least it’s still simple.

Once you start trying to move about inside such a big web of causal infrastructure, on the other hand, finding viable causally-consistent solutions with their accompanying stable envelopes gets more and more difficult.

You can just about make runs into the Inner Periphery and return whence you came, but if you want to go to another system on the network, it’s very often easier to head back to where you left it and then go around using the gates, even if that has you initially heading in the diametric opposite direction. As for just frameslipping your way around networked systems – even if you could make it happen, and no-one’s causally fortified the area…

Well, people don’t do that.

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