Had One Of Those Days

…where I just wanted to get off the planet, find the nearest Imperial world that I could do this and open a pub. Classic English pub, where I can get classic English weather. Maybe name it The Moon Under Water or something like that, and have hung over the fireplaces some Lee-Enfield rifles or FN-FALs with wood furniture for principal’s sake(1). Has to be able to do open sky, so no stations (right now, at least).

Definitely have a library with physical books (and a book printer if you want to buy a copy). And a proper menu, because a proper English pub should have a proper menu. (I will cheat slightly, because I do want a good burger and fries. And yes, curry, but good curry.) And proper beer (we’ll even give tours of the brewery and work out a rotating schedule of “can you IPA it?” test beers).

It’s got all the network connections and such, but it’s as manual as you can get because that’s part of the charm.

…damn it, now I need to start figuring out how to write up a work contract for employees that can handle standard English pub interactions with a bare minimum of murders. And, figure out how much a subscription for ESPN Interstellar 1, 2, and 3 are (I suspect the locals are more Australian-Rules Football than Soccer/Football or American Football, but maybe they’ll like Baseball and Hockey, too).

(1-Ammo behind the bar, for the same reason why you unplug and secure power tools. If somebody wants to take some test shots…hm…well, maybe I need a long enough lawn. Might want to cater a wedding or three on occasion. And an M60 behind the bar, just because.)