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Scientists Are Turning Dead Spiders Into ‘Necrobots’ And We Are So Creeped Out

It turns out that puppeteering dead spiders is a more effective gripping tool for small lightweight objects than the majority of the purely mechanical solutions we have tried so far.

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I see your dead spider robot-claws and raise you living cockroach cyborgs

Functional Wave Power has been figured out in Australia, at readily commercialisable rates of energy extraction and low maintenance. Most previous attempts to generate electricity from waves have relied on big paddles that are physically moved by the water, and they’ve had high maintenance requirements and barely broken even. This design mimics natural blowholes and has no moving parts below the surface and has proven it can withstand multiple Southern Ocean storms without breaking, with an 40%+ energy conversion. In theory, you can use them anywhere the water is rough enough close to shore while still letting you build.

Given the design, I think these may also be able to do double duty as an artificial word-for-coral, for environmental restoration and/or proving a surf break. Which is a nice bonus.

[Sorry about the word-for-coral, but there’s seems to be some weird censorship bug]

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It’s a great design, but I find it slightly ironic that it’s basically converting wind-energised wave energy back into wind energy. I suppose the wave condenses a large swath of low-velocity wind into a more usable, high-density form though

This one falls under plain weird. Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” had the power to crash laptops in the Windows XP era. When the music video was played, some (but not all) laptops would crash, across multiple manufacturers, so it clearly wasn’t a manufacturer-specific firmware issue. This was stumping the people investigating, until they noticed that playing it on one laptop could crash nearby laptops.

Turns out that music video had a lot of tones that hit the resonant frequencies of the boot drive the laptops were using.

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The spiritual successor of this lives on in my laptop - sometimes the audio glitches and then…