Natural Law Enforcement

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Opposite the Core, seven hexterranes of Coricál Ailék are occupied by the <Crimson Opalescent Arpeggio in F> Emergency Reality Enforcement Facility. A complex constructed in response to the ongoing work of OPERATION VACUUM AVALANCHE regarding physics-based threats and SKYSHOCK VOID/SKYSHOCK YELLOW scenarios, the EREF is a system engineered around 36 of the largest selective ontology evocation systems thus far constructed, configured for coordinated operation. In concept, the EREF is designed to use the stored power of the Coricál Cirys swarm to reinforce the laws of nature as they currently stand throughout a large bubble, encompassing most of Imperial space. This…


This is the sort of thing that gets fired up when CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN or CASE NIGHTMARE BLACK or any of the GOD GAME codes start getting seriously invoked, right?

Oh, yeah. Good for smacking extrauniversal incursions with a harsh dose of THIS IS REALITY.

(Not madness.)

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^reminds me of this, but with less questionable ethics