Or Possibly A Landscape Feature

Originally published at: Or Possibly A Landscape Feature | The Eldraeverse

“You don’t want us to touch this one.” “I thought you were the best demolitions company in the Worlds!” “We are.” “Then why can’t you demolish this?” “I never said that we couldn’t demolish this. I said that you didn’t want us to demolish this. Look here – you see the very distinctive bevel on the trailing edge of the doorcog? That makes this a Stravage-Minepa Vault, and they build these to survive full-up planetary bombardments. You’re looking at twelve meters of hyperdense laminate armor, with the same again in two inner shells. You could fill this thing with conventional…

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So are there any ancient Precursor vaults in this sense scattered around the Worlds?

Or is that what Iniscail is?

(Side note: this one isn’t a Precursor vault; Stravage-Minepa are a contemporary corporation, operating out of the Oniel Corporate to serve the wealthy and paranoid.)

And there probably aren’t, actually. There are lots of Precursor ruins around the place (like the Iniscail excavation, Iniscail itself being the name of the city-province where they were found), but the local Precursor Era ended with a long and brutal war of all-against-all. (That’s why the Precursor ruins are ruined, after all.) It’s a fair bet that anything that looked vault-y would have been a priority target in that, and hence smashed even more thoroughly than the rest of that civilization.