Random Imperial starship name thread

Because they might as well go somewhere, and this is somewhere:

  • CS Imminent Domain (assault cruiser)
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Can we make suggestions?

If I didn’t intend that to be possible, I would have locked the thread. :grin:

(Usual disclaimer: if I like it, I get to use it, and you don’t get to sue me.)

Also, if it weren’t too much an Earth reference, the SWP’s propaganda ship, CS Would You Like To Know More?

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Older suggestions, for the record:

  • IS Booster? I Hardly Know Her! (superlifter)
  • CS For The Night Is Dark And Full Of… Me (drone carrier)
  • CS Massively Parallel (supercarrier)
  • CMS Moving Parts (freighter)
  • CMS The Fan (biowaste tanker)
  • CMS Wearied By Your Pretentious Disasterbation (civilization-uplift tender)
  • CS You Brake For Us (interdictor cruiser)

Bitterness-class involuntary protectorate enforcement vessels:

  • CS Bitterness of the Vanquished
  • CS Regret of the Subjugated
  • CS Woe of the Conquered
  • CS Anguish of the Overthrown

Contact cruisers:

  • CSS Free As In Speech, Not As In Beer
  • CSS We Brought Enough For Everybody
  • CSS Have Your Species Call My Species
  • CSS We’ll Do Lunch, Okay?
  • CSS Wine, Cheese, and Rishathra
  • CSS Keep Your Water And Your Women
  • CSS Please Like and Subscribe
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After swapping some words around, CS Lamentations of the Crushed, thanks to Conan?

I am not sure of the class codes (the CS/CSS/CMS etc) but a few potential “dangerous goods transport names” [1]:

  • Neither Shaken Nor Stirred
  • Please Give Way
  • Atemporal Kaboom
  • Behold My Baffles

[1] Antimatter transport? Although plenty of mass industrial feedstocks are unpleasant, but cheaply made from gas giant atmospheres. And at least some ships in-verse use High Test Peroxide in their drives, which means there are people delivering it to them in orbit.

The US Navy policy of naming ammunition ships after volcanoes is genius.


Contact logistics tenders:
CSS Operators Are Standing By
CSS Plus Shipping And Handling
CSS Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope
CSS But Wait… There’s More!
CSS The Next Thirty Minutes

Assault C3I support: CS Rapid Well-Planned Disassembly

Anti-AKV platform: CS Not Without Dinner And Flowers
Assault AKV carrier: CS Dinner And Flowers


Merchant lighthuggers:
CMS You’ll See Us Coming
CMS You’ll Want Us Empty
CMS No Better Options
CMS Lightspeed Aplenty

CMS Burner-Save

Probably would be useful for naming this line of ships with a CMS prefix, although I’m not sure any of the cryocels actually contain baffles.

Yeah, baffles aren’t useful for frozen solids or really anything that is only ever going to be under very carefully controlled momentum. The value of baffles is for Liquids That Can Slosh, which unfortunately very much includes some chemical rocket propellants and oxidisers that you may want to cart around in a crowded gravity well.

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