Starship name prefixes

To answer @Morgrim 's implicit question in, and be of general information for, the starship names thread:

All Imperial Navy vessel names are prefixed CS (for “Coronal’s Ship”), having the privilege of a prefix without an inserted service name. The vessels of other services utilize infixes to distinguish themselves: vessels operated by the non-military instrumentalities of the Imperial Service (primarily the Exploratory Service, but also diplomatic vessels, postal packets, empire ships, and the like) are designated CSS (“Coronal’s Service Ship”). Merchantmen and other commercial starships are designated CMS (“Coronal’s Merchant Ship”), and privately owned non-commercial starships simply IS (“Imperial Ship”).

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What’s the convention on use of articles before the name?

Would it be CS Pair Production, or the CS Pair Production?

I take it the prefix is supposed to be emphasized along with the name of the vessel, but I’m thoroughly entrenched in my ways.

My house style, insofar as I have one, is to omit the article before the name on the grounds that it’s a name , belike, and I don’t go around calling myself the Alistair except on special occasions.

(Finger-macro runaways aside, the prefix shouldn’t be emphasized either, but finger-macro runaways are common enough that my lovely editor has to fix that one a lot.)


thanks for the awesome information.