Senatorial Privilege

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While not its long-disused official name, the Defenestrative Balcony is the upper of the two observation galleries looking down upon the Hall of Convocation, surrounding the roof’s central oculus. Conveniently for anyone who wishes to place its nickname into effect, the outer ring of windows open onto an exterior walkway surrounding the peak of the dome, and its slope is shallow enough at this point that one thrown off it faces a long and rather uncomfortable, but not terminal, slide to the ground. (Those thrown off the interior gallery into the Hall, however, will not be so lucky, and the…

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I get the feeling this is meant for a less extreme version of the Drowning of the People.

I don’t know off the top of my head if anyone’s ever been thrown off this one. (Especially since this is the second building, replacing the older Senate Spire when the Senate was expanded.) It’s at least possible it got the name just because people noticed the architecture and rolled with it.

@Jade_Nekotenshi.8702 The exact workineg mechanism of a clockbow varies with historical period, but essentially it’s a hand-held semi-automatic crossbow.

Among typical components are a clockwork-powered recocking mechanism and auto-loader, including harvesting energy from recoil like a self-winding watch.