Originally published at: Sniffers | The Eldraeverse

Yes, putting guardian dogs on police department logos is a cliché. But what’s important in this case is the kind of dog. Look at it. Big, broad-chested mastiff. Pure black fur. Black eyes. Disappears into shadows despite being near big enough to ride. That’s a Selenarian nighthound, the kind they used to guard the moon-temples back before history. Best known for three things: they’re silent when they hunt, never letting you know they’re there until they’re on you; once they have their teeth in your throat, they never let you go; and they never stop coming. So when you see…

Logical next questions: are Selenarian nighthounds the actual scariest Eldraeic hounds from history? Are there any uplifted nighthounds? If there are, what does the Fifth Directorate do with them?