Winds of Winter

Originally published at: Winds of Winter | The Eldraeverse

“Eight million esteyn,” Merith Amézel said, gazing out at the blanket of white dusted across the plaza, hiding the mosaic that, on clear days, reflected the Thunderbird Applied Meteorology logo. “Eight million. That is what your damnfool stunt cost us.” A cough came from behind him, but he didn’t turn. “Let’s recap, shall we? You retasked three orbital mirrors and four echelon mirror systems to heat the ocean and put moisture into the air, along with creating shepherding air currents to ensure the moist air traveled along the right path and gained enough altitude to freeze. You redirected upper-atmosphere vectors…

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Damn it…I got something in my eye. I don’t know what it is…

(And, for a moment, I almost thought that there would be a joke of that even with the miraculous technology available, GRRM will never make his deadline for the last two Game of Thrones novels.)

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For a while there I had deléhain confused with daehain, and thought “what’s the point of that? You never actually throw the snowballs!”

Although I suppose you do still have the constraint of outmanœuvring your opponent before the snowball in your hand melts…