I heard you had a Discord?

See update here: I heard you had a Discord? - #2 by avatar

You heard right!

Click here for an invitation.

However, fun as the chat server is for… chat, I’d appreciate it - if you have any questions for me or other Deeply Serious 'Verse Discussion - if you’d keep, or at least start, it here on the Discourse, rather than over there. This is more readily searchable and, indeed, accessible to a broader community, which helps in building up a stock of 'verseitudes. Thanks muchly.

What you heard was correct at the time.

It is no longer correct.

The official Discord is no more. It has passed on. It is pushing up daisies. It is, in a phrase, deader than a Norwegian Blue.

(The author cannot, nor wishes to, suppress unofficial fan Discordia, but they are neither endorsed nor participated in by the author.)