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A drink dating back to the tank battles of the Southron War, hence the pun, and kept alive by veterans who miss its sharp burn and acute abdominal pains, laager is not beer, but rather a distilled spirit. Specifically, while it can be – and has been – distilled from any number of fermented grains or tubers, it gains most of its character from the method of production – namely, taking advantage of the curious fact that a complete fermentation and distillation system could be crammed into the engine compartment of a TT-19 Werewolf tank, constructed almost entirely from field-available…

Is the term “mostly grains” used in the same tone of voice as “mostly apples” in scrumble?


Space elf werewolves sound amazing.


I do sometimes wish I had the artistic talent to post a page from one of the The Mighty Floof comics.

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