Lactic Revolutionary Front

Originally published at: Lactic Revolutionary Front | The Eldraeverse

BROADCAST // PHÓLARAE LABSWARM & ADJUNCTS // INFRA UNCLASSALL ECS STATIONS ANNOUNCEIMMEDIATE PREEMPTEMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY // ALERT 6981/11/04 This is an EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY alert for all residents of the Phólarae labswarm and adjuncts. Related travel advisories have been dispatched to regions proximal. An enhanced lactobacillus culture having escaped from a bactry system within Tokóver Hot Labs module 3/A in the early hours of this morning – a culture which is now displaying signs of internal self-organization, intentionality, and device manipulation – the Office of the Sane Man advises that all areas aboard Tokóver Hot Labs module 3/A should be…

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There is porn. Dear God In Heaven, there is porn that came to mind when I first saw this.

Not the least of which was a race of genetically engineered lactation-play bio-shells had somebody hack them to start a “revolution” as a prank, and it got out of hand…

Then, I looked at this, and thought, “How many times have we done something this silly?” And realized that when answered, the number is so high that The Sane Man (is he the rebellious younger brother related to The Illusive Man?) finds the bottle of really good whiskey, pours half a glass, and downs half the glass in a single gulp.

Wasn’t there a previous incident when someone got enough bacteria together while cooking (on a lighthugger, I think) to make a sophont?